Thursday, February 29, 2024

Business Thursday


The bomb dropped Tuesday.  Macy's is closing 150 stores.  Some soon.  Some later.  It is a magic name in American retailing and this makes me sad.

Call me guilty of oversimplification, but, as I've said here before, Macy’s stores are just a sea of beige.  It's no fun to shop there.  Macy's management needs to invest in its properties and think of the customer experience.  Look at the stores that are doing well.  This isn't difficult to figure out.

And, can you cut your way to profitability?  Ask Sears/Kmart management.

It seems like Penney's is one step away from a major problem.  While Macy's has the market on beige cornered, Penney's is a sea of off-white.

Moving on...

I needed a few things from a big box store at 6 am Wednesday-- the one notorious for funneling you into a self service check out, and then examining your receipt like you were a criminal on the way out.  I did my thing, and breezed out the door.  Either I looked honest, or they were short handed.  I'm leaning toward the latter.  I despise the self service, but if it gets me out the door faster, bring it on.  The key is if the self service machines working properly.  I'm constantly fighting with the hardware at a couple of supermarket chains.

Wendy's is catching some heat for its plan to charge more for food at peak demand times, and deservedly so.  This is food, people!  It's not a car ride on New Year's Eve.  Let's hope common sense prevails.  I'm not holding my breath.   And now, Wednesday afternoon, the company walked back the surge pricing idea.  Even though it looks like it won’t happen, the person who came up with the idea should be sent packing.  This is a public relations nightmare.

Happy Leap Day!!!