Thursday, February 1, 2024

The Dance


It was a serious case of deja vu as I watched and read coverage of the latest utility company rate hike request.  I've seen this movie, countless times, and I know how it ends.

It's a well choreographed dance.  Scripted.  I've been covering these things since my radio pup days in the early 80's.

The big utility company asks for permission to hike rates.  Politicians become outraged.  Citizens and consumers are angry.  The state orders hearings.  The politicians pound the podium for the cameras.  Consumers wonder how they will pay for what the utility wants.  The Public Utility Commission members look concerned.

They all end the same way.

The utility company accepts a smaller rate hike, which it banked on all along.  Ask for twice what you want, and settle for half.  The utility company feigns benevolence.  The politicians claim victory.

In the end, you're still cutting a bigger check every month.