Thursday, February 15, 2024

Follow Up Thursday


I'm still waiting for the reply to my email to the organization that runs Scranton's parking.  I want to know why meters are enforced on Martin Luther King Day, but it's free parking on Juneteenth.  Guys, you know where to find me.

Earlier this week, I gave those new flavored cellophane wrapped "cheese" slices a lousy review.  I've been tooling around on the internet, and I've discovered I'm in the minority.  Other reviewers love them, especially in a grilled cheese application, which I did not do.

A company in Canada is selling 45 of its radio stations because it feels the radio business is no longer viable.  I'm typing through the tears.

The other day, I whined that the newspaper industry is its own worst enemy.  Here is more proof.  Beginning March 18, the Erie Times-News is getting rid of all of its carriers.  The U.S. Postal service will now deliver the paper, so if you are a traditionalist, and you like your news on your front porch the first thing in the morning, forget it.  The paper's management says it's discovered digital delivery is now the first choice for its customers.  The print newspaper will switch to more background and context type of reporting, and you'll get it a day late-- at the very least.

I'm sure I'll catch a replay on the NFL Network, but CBS's Tony Romo is being savaged by the critics.  There is blood in the water.  And by the way, Jim Nantz, you're 64 years old.  It's OK to have a little grey hair.

And this last one is going back a long time.  Several years ago, I raved about Bob's Red Mill products.  It's a line of  grains, cereals, etc.  If you pop your own corn, there is none better.  And, you should be popping your own.  It's not that difficult.  Be that as it may, the founder, Bob Moore died.  It was announced Saturday.  Bob Moore was 94.